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GCD of Two Numbers program in Assembly Language

Write  a Program to find the GCD of Two Numbers  in Assembly Language . Program should load two registers with two Numbers  and then apply the logic for GCD of two Numbers . GCD of two numbers is performed by dividing the greater number by the smaller number till the remainder is zero. If it is zero, the divisor is the GCD if not the remainder and the divisor of the previous division are the new set of two numbers. The process is repeated by dividing greater of the two numbers by the smaller number till the remainder is zero and GCD is found.


Algorithm for  GCD of Two Numbers


Step I            :     Initialize the data segment.
Step II          :     Load AX and BX registers with the operands.
Step III        :     Check if the two numbers are equal. If yes goto step X, else goto step IV.
Step IV         :     Is number 1 > number 2 ? If yes goto step VI else goto step V.
Step V          :     Exchange the contents of AX and BX register, such that AX contains the bigger number.
Step VI         :     Initialize DX register with 00H.
Step VII       :     Perform the division operation (contents of AX / contents of BX).
Step VIII     :     Check if there is remainder. If yes goto step IX, else goto step X.
Step IX        :     Move the remainder into AX register and goto step IV.
Step X          :     Save the contents of BX as GCD.
Step XI        :     Display the result.
Step XII       :     Stop.

GCD of Two Numbers  Algorithm Snapshot

Program code for GCD of Two Numbers 


How to Run this Program


For Running this program you should have installed Tasm on you computer . If you have not installed Tasm  yet please install from Here .

C:\programs>tasm gcd.asm
Turbo Assembler  Version 3.0  Copyright (c) 1988, 1991 Borland International
Assembling file:   gcd.asm
Error messages:    None
Warning messages:  None
Passes:            1
Remaining memory:  437k
C:\programs>tlink gcd
Turbo Link  Version 3.0 Copyright (c) 1987, 1990 Borland International

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