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Computer Network Technology Presentations


Network Layer and Routing
Network layer –I :
Design issues, packet switching, connectionless and connection oriented
services, virtual circuit and datagram subnet, routing algorithms like adaptive
and non-adaptive (2 each), congestion control algorithms and prevention
policies, Load shading, jitter control, quality of service, internetworking.

Network layer –II
ARP, RARP, ICMP, IPv4, IPv6, Addressing schemes, Subnetting,
Supernetting, CIDR, Unicast/multicast protocols, MPLS, VLAN, DHCP,
Bootstrap, BOOTP

Unit III Transport Layer: 8 Hrs.
Services and service primitives, socket and socket programming, Elements of
transport protocols : Addressing, Connection establishing and releasing, Flow
control and buffering, multiplexing and crash recovery, simple transport
protocol, UDP : Introduction, header format RPC, TCP: introduction, model,
protocol, header, connection establishing and release, connection management,
transmission policy, congestion control, timer management, performance issue
(concepts like : throughput, delay, bandwidth utilization, error rate, congestion

OSI and TCP/IP LAYER Presentations

ARP,RARP and IP Presentations

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