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Insurance Management System Visual Basic Project(Engineering Project) 



The Insurance management system is a complete solution for organizations, which need to manage insurance for their vehicles, equipment, buildings, and other resources. Organizes and tracks insurance vendors and the policies provided under different coverage.
We are offering a robust web based insurance solution, which has the flexibility of customizations to match the specific needs of clients for achieving their business goal of good service and revenue generation.
Insurance policy administration system consists of a mathematical notation that captures the relationship between policies and objects and the entities that manage policies for those objects.
Hence there is need for an automated system, which can efficiently manage the company, records, provides instant access and one that improves the productivity. As a result of this automated system, the activities of the company are performed with in the stipulated time and the reliable and efficient service is ensured to its users.
The insurance company needs to keep track of details of its target companies, agents, policyholders, their premium payments and the various products that are available with it. Hence it is under tremendous pressure maintaining their day-to-day activities, which is currently being done manually.
Entire records have to be updated timely, even a slight mistake could complicate things. It
is very difficult to handle bulk data since human memory is weaker than electronic counter part. It is time consuming to summarize these details to produce the reports. 

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