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Source Code Analyzer-b tech final year project

Source Code Analyzer project


The purpose of this document is to collect, analyze and define high-level needs and features of the Source Code Analyzer. It focuses on the capabilities needed by the stakeholders, and the target users, and why these needs exist. 

Input to this source code analyzer will be a windows code and as an output it’ll give us graphical view of amount of portable source code, non-portable source code.

Purpose of Source Code Analyzer

In order to comply with this kinda working knowledge of different operating systems is must because one just can’t simply use the same program for different operating systems. One has to again write that program taking into consideration compatibility issues. This is not always possible. Here idea of porting comes into the picture.

We’ve discovered that there are no tools available to check the compatibility issues; ergo we’ve decided to design software that will analyze a program and give us an information regarding parameters needed to be considered while going for porting. This software is called source code analyzer.

Summary of Capabilities

SCA will be providing a launch pad for a porting project. It will indicate the comparative study of the existing code. SCA will assist management to identify problem areas and gauge staff workload. The reports generated by SCA allow high level review of problem status.

SCA will assist the programmers too as it provides the readymade reverse engineered documents of existing code as well as special guidelines for porting that code on the other platform.


Manual analyzing of source code is a very time consuming and tedious. SCA attempts to reduce this process of analyzing the existing code, provides various reports, graphs, suggestions, which are extremely useful not only for developers but for management personnel also to decide the deadline, and number of employees to be assigned.



  • Jdk 1.4
  • Software requirements:
  • Gel IDE


Hardware requirements:


  • MEMORY: 256MB onwards

Source code analyzer final year project for cse

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