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Final year telecommunication engineering project

Intercom Over LAN


Java Project Definition

        Our project is to implement Intercom over LAN. In this our main aim is to transmit and receive voice data over local area network. The data can be from a file on disk or from a microphone connected to a computer. The resulting software can act as a substitute for existing Intercom in organizations having Local Area Network.
Brief Description. 

VOIP is a technology in which the voice data is transferred over IP network. In our project we are implementing same. For this users has to specify computer name or ip address of the destination computer, so that data reaches the destination We have to implement transmission and reception in between two computers. 

        As our work is to transmit and receive the voice data over LAN so we will divide our problem mainly in two sub problems, which is transmission and reception. So we will write two separate subroutines for each. For communication both subroutines will be running on each computer at the same time.

In our project we are implementing following functionalities:

1. Voice Chat
2. Media File transmission.
3. Automatic Storing of  all Incoming Calls.
4. Calls Forwarding
5. Online friend’s list 


 Java 2, Java Media Framework (JMF) API.
For developing the above mentioned software we will use JAVA. We have chosen to program in JAVA because of the vast ready made networking libraries which we can use. Java is a “simple , object –oriented , distributed , interpreted , robust , secure, architecture neutral , portable , high – performance , multithreaded  and dynamic language.”

                                     The other main points of using JAVA are that the Java Media Framework (JMF) API provides the support for media capture, transmission, reception and also additional control over media processing and rendering. It also provides a plug-in architecture that provides direct access to media data and enables JMF to be more easily customized. 


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