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Project statement 

To crawl through a website and maintain a database of the information useful for the analysis of the site. To develop a software that uses the database to detect faults viz. faulty link, delay in loading a page  etc.  in a website and report the errors in a graphical tool .The web pages represent the nodes of the tree , each of them having some attributes. 

Technology : C# .Net technology 

Brief Description 

1. Introduction 

An internet service provider (ISP) hosts a number of websites on its server. 

He needs to monitor various websites for QoS & find various faults like broken links. 

            ISP needs an automated software which can monitor these faults & could provide solutions or Automate the solution if possible. 

Specially for website testing we need to consider following things as resources 

1)     Various links 

2)     Various resource or tools compatibility. 

Software should monitor various faults & log the faults 

1)     Type of the problem  

2)     Location of the problem 


3. Objectives

We will implement the  following things 

1.To draw the tree representing various pages of a website : 

   Tree will be drawn automatically by crawling through various links of the       


  The pages of the site will represent the Nodes of the tree. 

  Each node will have some attributes like 

            Title of the page 

            Scripting language used 

            Size of page 

            No of back link(Parents) and forward links(children) 

            Various resources (  images, video, zip files, pdf’s or word documents etc) 

            Metacontent containing the useful information about a page. 

Clicking on the Node will show its properties 

     2.       To show the effect of a change Resource position or its attribute value: 

               If we remove a link , then the links that would be affected  will be           


Software should integrate all the tools in an integrated development environment (IDE).



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