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How to Run Visual Basic Projects

You can find Thousands of visual basic project on internet But half of project are in proper form to run other machines . Some of these project do not contains all files that are needed to run the project . Also new students are not able to run these projects , So I decided to write some steps involved in Running Visual Basic project .

To run Visual Basic Projects you need to make sure that your project contains “project.vbp” file which you have downloaded from here or from other Websites .

Now every project have database as backend for storing data related to project . So you should have access data or any other database tables with you for proceding . You can search project folder you have downloaded for database files or tables .

After having database file or Tables just create those tables in respective database and now your are ready for setting up project .

Steps involved in Running Visual Basic Project :

  • Open Visual Basic 6.0 .
  • Go to File ->Open Project then select File from project having extension “.vbp” .

Setting Up Vb Project 

  • It will take a while to load project and then your are Done .
  • Now your project have been successfully imported into Visual Basic environment .

Vb project Loaded Successfully 

  • You can Run your project from Top menu Run Button …Enjoy .

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