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Client Server Based Live Meeting project

In the Client Server Based Live Meeting project system which we are going to implement the admin user have to just watch his system and communicate with the programmers  and project leaders for maintaining the login,logout time. He can chat about the project going on with both the programmers and project leaders.
The admin rule can see and record  the present online system Internet protocol Address and send the messages to single team member ,set of team members, project leader.

The current system is simply a manual system which should be to be converted into automated system for efficient use . Another flaw is Risk of mismanagement of data involved with Less Security and No proper synchronization between different Applications Users while using application. Accuracy not guaranteed in this model or current system.Communication between users through phone or manually is only possible in current system.

The existing Client Server Based Live Meeting project system users are using third party public mail services for communication. Using public domains are not supposed for employee communication.

Anonymous user can be allowed like these public domains. It is critical to share their information like this environment. Some organizations are using manual system. In the manual system the data can be stored and transferred in the form of disk drives or paper. Semi automated systems are connected through LAN but they are using data in local systems like Ms-Access or MS-Excel etc. In local data base there is no Option for data security and data integrity.

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