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 Courier Management System mini project

This idea of project represents the ‘Courier Service management System’. The system is being used for day to day activities such as maintain employee details,booking a courier,maintain hub details, maintain company details,process data of employees and many other things.

 Purpose of Courier Management System Project

 This project deals with the ‘Courier Service management System’. The system will be used for day to day activities like out return, company details, hub rates ,booking, non delivery, and pickup centers.Actually It is not easy to do this process manually because it would become very hectic. Hence it is recommended to automate the process by developing the relevant software as the world is moving from manual working to information and technology era where computerization becomes important in all walks of life.

 Existing System of Courier Management System

The existing system is not totally automated. Though the system is computerized to a particular extent, it has to do a lot of manual work.

The different processes involved are:

  • To maintain details of bookings manually.
  • Calculate salaries of the employees.
  • To maintain details of the incoming couriers.
  • To maintain returns details.
  • To maintain out return details.

Nowadays, people are very busy and they don’t find much time to go to a dealer to get products. But they need to buy products. And most of the people are accessing Internet.

Then why don’t we help them in searching & getting products online. Of course this is helpful for company & dealer also to improve the sales.

 Scope of Courier Management System Project

 Courier management computerization is “the incorporate of appropriate technology to help administrator manage information. Technology is considered appropriate, when it utilizes the most abundant domestic resources and conserves capital and skilled personnel”.The main aim of this project is to computerize the maintenance of courier management.

Courier management System Project Snapshots

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