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 E-Banking mini Project

The objective of the E-Banking mini project is to design and develop Secure online Banking Application using Anti phishing concept.

Some customers avoid online banking as they perceive it as being too vulnerable to fraud. The security measures employed by most banks are never 100% safe, but in practice the number of fraud victims due to online banking is very small. Indeed, conventional banking practices may be more prone to abuse by fraudsters than online banking. Credit card fraud, signature forgery and identity theft are far more widespread “offline” crimes than malicious hacking. Bank transactions are generally traceable and criminal penalties for bank fraud are high. Online banking can be more insecure if users are careless, gullible or computer illiterate. An increasingly popular criminal practice to gain access to a user’s finances is phishing, whereby the user is in some way persuaded to hand over their password(s) to the fraudster.


E-Banking mini project system will check the user’s existence in the database and provide the set of services with respect to the role of the user. The application is based on three-tier architecture. The cipher key obtained will help to find the fraud application. The business logic helps in authenticating the application, authorizing the users and providing services. The technologies are chosen by keeping the compatibility and performance as the constraints for the application.

Further Drawbacks of the Existing System

The following are the drawbacks of the existing manual System.

Time Delay: In the existing system, information related to all transactions is stored in different registers. Since all the transactions are stored in different registers it takes lot of time to prepare different reports.

Redundancy: As the information passes through different registers, each register is consolidated and sent to next register. So the same information is being tabulated at each register, which involves lot of complication and duplication in work, thus it causes redundancy.

Accuracy: Since the same data is compiled at different sections, the possibility of tabulating data wrongly increases. Also if the data is more, validations become difficult. This may result in loss of accuracy of data.

Information Retrieval: As the information is stored in the particular Format, it can only be retrieved in the same format. But if it is to be retrieve in different format, it is not possible.

Storage Media: In the existing system, data transaction being stored on too long registers it is very difficult to refer after some time.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System Server: Windows XP or later
  • Database Server: Microsoft SQL Server-2005
  • Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008
  • User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax
  • Code Behind: C#.Net

Hardware Requirements Processor

  • Intel Pentium or More
  • Ram: 512 MB Ram
  • Hard Disk: PC with 20GB

 E-Banking mini project Snapshots 

Download E-Banking mini project

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E-Banking  Project Code  Click Here
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