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Educational Grid Final year project Ideas


In this Educational Grid Final year project which is Final year project Ideas we design a university portal using an ASP.NET platform and C#. We provide with services like admission prospects, job prospects, exam schedules, results etc. A separate gateway has been provided for students, faculty, alumni and the visitors.

The portal gives an insight as to what a university is made up of and how it works and what is it doing presently. An online library catalog has also been provided for the students and the faculty to search for the desired papers and books. In addition the student or the visitor can post his query which will be handled by the managing staff. There are options available for site search and people search. Hence, it is easier to keep a track of topics and people.

 The Educational Grid Final year project uses the dot net framework concepts to implement the university portal. It also uses other technologies to design various functionality like chatting system, online exam system etc. The project is used for the purpose of managing a university site and continuous updating of the same.

 Educational Grid Final year project Ideas Product Specification

We are going to provide following functionality in the software for “University Portal”:

  • Online chatting system.
  • Online quiz or exam.
  • Search facilities.
  • Latest happenings in & out the campus.
  • Upcoming events list.
  • The academic information.
  • The information regarding the administration and overview of the university.

Educational Grid Final year project Ideas General constraints

  • Only the administrator will be allowed to view or update the portal.
  • Every one has a personal account for login.
  • The student can view the calendar and can know about the upcoming events in the university.
  • The search is based on the last name of the member.
  • The user can chat online with the other members who are logged in.
  • The user will get the score for the online quiz on the spot.

Download project Abstract

Educational Grid Final year project Ideas Abstract       Click Here

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