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IP Wireless Linked Repeater Final year project

The purpose of this project is to develop a wireless repeater based on IP networking standards taking leverage of existing public/private IP networks(Internet/leased lines).

 The project is divided into 2 modules – PC-PC communication and Radio-PC Interface.

The roles of the modules are as follows:

 PC-PC communication

 This is the PC running Windows Operating System, which will interface, between a node to Analog Radio, providing signaling to local & remote radios (PTT).

 Radio-PC Interface

 It includes interfacing radio and PC through a cross-connector circuit.

Working of IP Wireless Linked Repeater Final year project

IC-V8 144MHz FM Transceiver is used to communicate with the destination IC-V8 144MHz FM Transceiver has following features: 16 button keypad for easy-to-access functions, Reversible up/down switches and rotary selector, 5-character alphanumeric display etc. Using the cross-connector circuit radio is then connected to the PC (node controller). Ws2_32.lib is used for socket applications. Connection request is then sent to the destination PC. Connection between two PCs is established by accepting the incoming connection at the other end.

Once the connection has been established, the two remote radios communicate in half-duplex mode. Till the time PTT is pressed by the user, radio remains in transmitting mode. Once PTT is released the user returns to receiving mode. Thus the two radios communicate.

Download Final year Project Abstract

IP Wireless Linked Repeater Final year project Synopsis   Click Here

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