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Property Selling online portal mini project


The main objective of this mini project is to bring the real estate industry online and enabling real estate industry participants to benefit from the Internet. Site acts as an interface between Individuals, brokers and realtors. Here the user can advertise his property for buying or for selling.

Site provides online real estate and related services to customers to make eye catching and full profit decisions related to buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties, in India. We will provide a fresh new approach to our esteemed users to search for properties to buy or rent, and list their properties for selling or leasing. Property promises to be the most preferred way of finding your dream property and we are committed to help you make a wiser property decision, as a buyer or a seller.. The search can be based on the Number of bed rooms.

Number of Wash rooms, price, area, city, plot size, type of property etc. Enter your search criteria and click the SEARCH button to display the matching property. When you click the search button the property advertised will be shown. Provide a superior real-estate experience by making it easier, faster, secure and more accurate to find buyers for your valuable property. We give our customers ease to use and also we will maintain a good relationship with the customers, brokers, sellers for properties. Our Site Mainly deals with property. Dealing with property two fields is mandatory. Those are seller and purchaser registration.

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