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Shopping Cart mini project in Asp.Net

Shopping cart is a very important feature used in e-commerce to assist people making purchases online, similar to the US English term ‘shopping cart’.The business-to-consumer aspect of electronic commerce (e-commerce) is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web. The primary goal of an e-commerce site is to sell goods and services online.

E-commerce is fast gaining ground as an accepted and used business paradigm. More and more business houses are implementing web site providing functionality for performing commercial transactions over the web. It is reasonable to say that the process of shopping on the web is becoming commonplace.

Existing System

  • In existing system shopping can done in a manual way, the customer has to go for shopping, and then he is having the possibility to choose the products what ever he wants.
  • It is a time consuming process.
  • Thus, the system has to be automated.

Problems in Existing System

  • In Existing System the Customer is completely depending on the manual process for buying the products.
  • Manual process is a time consuming factor. And when customer approaches for a manual shopping directly, actually he/she does not have an idea about things like, price range, items, etc.,
  • The time which has been spent by the customer in manual shopping can equates to multiple number of shopping. As customer can sit at home and browse in a fraction of seconds.
  • Thus we need to change to a system like “Online Shopping “.

Proposed System

  • Sends receipt to customer
  • Accommodates up to four types of shipping
  • Allows owner to predefine sales tax based a specific state
  • Tracks purchases even if user clicks the back button
  • Tracks each customer by Shopper ID (SID) (does not use cookies)

 Shopping Cart mini project Snapshots

Simple systems allow the offline administration of products and categories. The shop is then generated as HTML files and graphics that can be uploaded to a web space. These systems do not use an online database.

  • A high end solution can be bought or rented as a standalone program or as an addition to an enterprise resource planning program. It is usually installed on the company’s own web server and may integrate into the existing supply chain so that ordering, payment, delivery, accounting and warehousing can be automated to a large extent.
  • Other solutions allow the user to register and create an online shop on a portal that hosts multiple shops at the same time.
  • Open source shopping cart packages include advanced platforms such as Interchange, and off the shelf solutions as Avactis, Satchmo, osCommerce, Magento, Zen Cart, VirtueMart, Batavi and PrestaShop.

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