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 Mobile payment system project


The project entitled Mobile payment system project is an application to assist mobile phone users to access the information of different bills, send and receive queries requested by user from anywhere and in anytime.

With the use of a single touch button the user is provided with the requested information as quickly as possible. Mobile payment system is focused for professionals as well as House wives and people who are busy can save their time to do their work in home.Mobile payment system project has lots of advanced accessibility features to facilitates users with a user-friendly as well as flexible interface.

When ever user chooses to launch Mobile payment system project, he will be asked for credentials and after that he is logged on to a window .Where he is asked to select which option or service he would like to access. Upon choosing we will be presented with a list of the particular service bill details. If the user selects the options provided on the screen given he is instantly provide with the information pertaining to that particular service.Some of the most unique features of Mobile payment system are accessing the data at the server and retrieving the data from the database.

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