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Operating System Ebooks


  • Architecture of OS such as Ex. Monolithic, Micro kernel, Layered ,Exo kernel
  • Operating system objectives and functions
  • distributed & real -time O.S
  • Virtual Computers, Interaction of O. S. & hardware architecture
  • Evolution of operating systems
  • System calls
  • O. S. Shell
  • Batch multiprogramming.
  • Linux Shell commands
  • Shell programming
  • Awk programming.
  • Examples of O. S.: Linux
  • Multitasking
  • Multi user
  • parallel
  • MS-Windows, Handheld OS .


Process Management

  • Process
  • Process control
  • Threads
  • Processes and Threads
  • Process description, Process states
  • Uniprocessor Scheduling: Types of scheduling
  • Thread Scheduling
  • Multiprocessor Scheduling concept
  • Real Time Scheduling concept..
  • Scheduling algorithms: FCFS, SJF, Priority, Round Robin,
  • UNIX Multi-level feedback queue scheduling


Process Communication and Synchronization


  • Concurrency: Principles of Concurrency
  • Mutual Exclusion H/W Support
  • Monitors
  • Classical Problems Of Synchronization: Readers-Writers Problem
  • Producer Consumer Problem
  • software approaches, Semaphores and Mutex
  • Message Passing
  • Deadlock Prevention
  • Deadlock Avoidance
  • Dining Philosopher problem
  • Deadlock: Principles of deadlock
  • Deadlock Detection
  • An Integrated Deadlock Strategies


Memory Management

  • Segmentation
  • Paging
  • Virtual Memory
  • Memory Management requirements
  • Memory partitioning: Fixed
  • Swapping
  • dynamic partitioning
  • Buddy System Memory allocation Strategies (First Fit, Best Fit,Worst Fit, Next Fit)
  • Fragmentation
  • Demand paging
  • Page Replacement Policies (FIFO, LRU, Optimal,clock)
  • Thrashing
  • Working Set Model.


I/O and File Management

  • I/O Management and Disk Scheduling
  • File Directories,
  • File Sharing,
  • Security issues,
  • Record Blocking,
  • I/O Buffering
  • Disk Scheduling
  • Disk Caches.File Management: Overview
  • Organization of I/O functions
  • Operating System Design issues
  • File Organization and access
  • Secondary StorageManagement. Comparative study of Windows and UNIX file system.


Protection and Security

  • Intruders
  • Malicious softwares
  • Attacks and assets
  • Authentications: Internal Access Authorizations
  • Protection: Protection Policy and mechanisms
  • Computer security & protection: Security Threats
  • Implementations


Operating System  Text Books

Das Sumitabha Unix Concepts and Applications.
Stalling William Operating Systems.

Operating System Reference Books

Silbcrschatz A. Galvin P. Gagne G. Operating System Concepts
Andrew S. Tanenbaum  Modern Operating Systems
Milan Milenkovic Operating Systems Concepts and Design
M. J. Bach The Design of The Unix Operating System
Charles Crowley Operating Systems

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