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Software Design Laboratory Assignments


TWO Pass assembler TWO Pass assembler
 Macro Processor   Macro Processor
 Regular Expression to DFA  Regular Expression to DFA
 Lexical Analyzer for subset of C   Lexical Analyzer for subset of C
 Calculator using LEX and YACC  Calculator using LEX and YACC
 Text or Screen Editor    Text or Screen Editor

Software Design Laboratory : Design and Analysis of Algorithm Assignments

 8 Queen Problem  8 Queen Problem
 Prim’s Algorithm , Minimum Cost of Spanning Tree  Prim’s Algorithm
 Kruskal’s Algorithm,Prims Algorithm    Kruskal’s Algorithm
 Tower of Hanoi    Tower of Hanoi
 N queen problem    N queen problem

Implement two problems such as 8 queen,  Knapsack ,tower of Hanoi etc using different algorithmic strategy.
Staff In-charge should frame assignments based on the above topics. It is expected that this variation between assignments to individual students. Students must submit the term-work in the form of a journal at each assignment has to be well documented with problem definition, code documented title comments. The assignments will be documented. using software-engineering principles.

Software Design Laboratory Text Books

  • Horowitz and Sahani Fundamentals of computer Algorithms
  • Anany Levitin Introduction to the Design & Analysis of Algorithm

Software Design Laboratory Reference Books

  • Gilles Brassard, Paul Bratley— Fundamentals of Algorithms
  • Thomas H Cormen and Charles E.L Leiserson Introduction to Algorithm

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