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 World Recipe Management System project


World Recipe Management System is an ASP.NET 2.0 C# N-Tier application and SQL 2005 Database with stored procedure to contain and display recipes in a wide variety of Categories, also allow your visitors to post their favorite recipes, rate recipe and add comment. User can modify or remove any submitted recipes by using a secured admin area. All Source code files of recipes management system and installation instructions are included .

 Existing System of World Recipe Management System

 Scheduling is a process, which is exercised in a firm or any organization for assigning task to the moving executives of any level of hierarchy. This process includes the appointments of executives either official or personal. For fixing an appointment for a particular executive it should be known whether that related employee is free at that time or not.Thus a lot of time needs to be spent to find information related to employee.

Draw backs of World Recipe Management System

 As seen clearly a lot time is spent and much afford is made for only fixing a schedule. In a firm, which is, growing this task should be minimum and should be fast. But the present system does not support this.


 There will be a World recipe home page where there will be a registration link as well as a login screen is available.

 There are three types of users in the system

  •  Administrator
  •  Visitor module

Module Description of World Recipe Management System

 This “World Recipe Management System” project involves 2 modules:

 Administrator: Administrator is capable of maintaining the Information i.e. edit or delete Recipes and view or delete Comments. And he can Post the Articles.

 Visitor: visitors to post their favorite recipes, rate recipe and add comment. And He can send the emails to his friends.

Download World Recipe Management System


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