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Examination Branch System Project

The project Examination Branch System is developed to reduce the overhead involved in the process of maintains the data and the transaction in the Examination branch. Examination branch is an intranet application for an organization. Examination Branch System is application which is used to perform all the examination activities like adding examiners, searching of examiners, examiners delete operations and assigning of examination duties etc.

The basic framework of the Examination Branch System project is developed in .NET. Making use of this Examination Branch System application the administrator can perform their activities through it.

Examination Branch System Features

The proposed Examination Branch System application serves the following activities

  • Add teaching and non-teaching members.
  • Manage the personal time table of faculty.
  • View all the members.
  • Search the staff according to their ID.·
  • Assigning the examination duties to the staff.
  • Features of edit update and delete.

Examination Branch System Current system

  • Just now we can see the available faculty in particular time table.
  • We didn’t edit, update operations this current system.


Examination Branch System Proposed system

  • Now we can extend our project to assign duties to faculty.
  • We can develop our project as a user friendly type.
  • We can implement edit, update operations now.

Project Snapshots 


Project Download

Branch System Project Abstract Branch System Project Abstract
Branch System Project Report Branch System Project Report
Download Project Code Branch System Project Code
Branch System Presentation Branch System Presentation

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