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Onlinesurvey Simulation System Project

Onlinesurvey Simulation system project is a tool, which helps the users of the system to get clear picture of the network layers, their functions and the protocols used in the layers. The simulation tool will clearly explain the functioning of the protocols used in all the layers in neat graphical interface. The tool takes some values from the users and simulates the working of the protocols.

                      NSS tool has good animations GUI ,user friendly interface this is done using swings in java language Computers on a network communicate in agreed upon ways called protocols. The complexity of networking protocol software calls for the problem to be divided into smaller pieces. A layering model aids this division and provides the conceptual basis for understanding how software protocols together with hardware devices provide a powerful communication system.

The main aim of the project Onlinesurvey Simulation System project is to permit the authenticated users to Better Understand the Functionalities of Different Protocols in Different Stages of Data Transfer using OSI Layers. The Onlinesurvey Simulation System project which is a great system to represent OSI Layers information in a better way, the way different Layers differ and have similarity with each other.

The new Onlinesurvey Simulation System includes a no of features which helps the

End User in a reliable and easiest Simulation of the Protocols

• Can Check any one of the Layers Directly

• Separate Links between Protocols of different Layers

• Parallel execution of the sessions

• Giving a chance for manipulating the settings or options of different Layers.

• Can be accessed from anywhere on the web

Onlinesurvey Simulation System project Snapshots 

Onlinesurvey Simulation System project Download

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