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Computer Institute Management System Project


Any Institute/College/School faces various difficulties in managing student and staff member’s records along with its various attributes associated with this system. They have to maintain various records manually which involves making attendance sheets, making exam results, making payment sheets and defaulter lists and many more. They have to check manually for each and every activity going inside particular institutions. To overcome this problem a computer based Computer Institute Management System is required.

Computer Institute Management System Project Idea

To develop a Computer Institute Management System that will overlook the activities going inside the particular institutions without manual processing. All information should be updated automatically by using the information stored in the database by providing a GUI interface to the end user. The main motive behind this Computer Institute Management System project is to develop a system which will able to handle the overall tasks going inside the institutions without much effort.

 Computer Institute Management System Project Statement

Current Computer Institute Management System is not able to maintain dynamic information and not able to keep records of that particular event. To maintain all these records they have to use old process of record keeping system that is by using files and papers. This information can be misused or may include fault entry which will not able to provide correct information. If any error occurs then manual searching and updating process required to correct that particular information.

 Computer Institute Management System Overview

 To provide correct information to the correct person, it will provide login menu for each user. This Computer Institute Management System will be accessed by three types of users:-

  1.  Admin.
  2.  Staff Members.
  3.  Students.

 Admin will have to authority to add, delete, modify for all the contents and information including its data used in this Computer Institute Management System. Admin will also be responsible to provide user id to their different users. Admin will have the authority to add information and provide permission to particular person for accessing particular resources under this system.

Staff members will be of different type such as accountant, teachers who will be responsible to overlook their work. Accountant will have to authority to enter information related to account sections for each and every student under their institutions. Teachers will have the authority to prepare marks-sheet for their students for particular class. They can easily check the information of any students which will indicate their fee status, attendance details, performance details in every subject and their progress report cards. They can also search any student information by using search criteria that is either by using grade, marks, attendance, name, roll number etc.

 Students will able to check their attendance status in each and every subject on monthly basis. They can check their internal marks details. They will also be able to check their end semester exam results long with their payment details such as time and date of payment, how much amount has been paid and how much is too paid. Students will also be able to print their progress report card along with their mark-sheets.

Computer Institute Management System Snapshots 

Technologies Used

  •  VB as front end.
  •  My SQL Server as back end.

Software Requirements

  • Windows 8.
  • Visual studio 2010 Professional.
  • My SQL Server.

 Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Intel Core processor above Pentium IV
  •  Ram – 512 MB
  •  Hard Disk – 2 GB
  •  Monitor.
  • Keyboard.

Download Computer Institute Management System

Computer Institute Management System Abstract Computer Institute Management System Abstract
Computer Institute Management System Code Computer Institute Management System Code
Computer Institute Management System Database Computer Institute Management  Database

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