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Computer Shop Management system project


Computer Shop Management system is a system in which user has to enter the model number of particular product total number of items. From these two fields, system will generate a bill of requested amount for that particular product. Apart from this it will also keep track all the items which are available in the shop.

Computer Shop Management system Project Concept

Saving time in finding particular product and their price making billing process faster. Eliminating manual searching for the products which will be stock. Easy process of adding and deleting products entry. Control panel for making billing process as white list or black list for saving taxes by the seller for internal process.

Project Statement

Computer Shop Management system project will be used for various purposes under Computer Shop. For example – It will be used at the billing counter, searching of products in requested amount as per user requirements and configuration demands. Tracking of orders from the purchasers, delivery status for particular products, helpline numbers details and address within current city and in nearest city for particular manufacturers.

Computer Shop Management system Overview

 This Computer Shop Management system will be used for making quotations of requested amount for the user. The billing system will use current system date and time. However its user can manually set the date and time of purchase and can make changes in the amount which will be special feature available in the control panel of this system.

Under generating bill section, its user have to make entry in the field of particular model and its serial number after which it will display the brand name of the products, its cost price and service tax. Then after total amount will be generated for total number of products along with the address details of the seller. This system will also include the name, address and mobile number of the customer. Each bill will have a unique number generated by the system automatically.

Computer Shop Management system Snapshots 


As this Computer Shop Management system will also help the vendor to keep track of number of products available, time of purchase. If any products whose total number will be less than 2 will comes under the blue zone indicating it’s time to purchase that product. It will also display other details such as last time when it is purchased, at what price it was purchased, from where it is purchased, total number of products which was purchased last time.

 Administrator can also make changes in the billing process, such as increase or decrease in service tax value, discount to be given to the customer on particular product. Making changes in billing process as per user requirement or for other business rules.

Technologies Used

  •  VB.Net as front end.
  •  SQL Server Edition as back end.

Software Used

  •  Windows 7.
  •  Visual studio 2010.
  •  Microsoft SQL Server.

Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Pentium IV or higher version.
  •  Ram – 50 MB.
  • Hard Disk – 100 MB.

Download Computer Shop Management system Project

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Computer Shop Management system code Computer Shop Management system code
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