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Railway Ticket Booking System Project 

In Current Railway Ticket Booking System Project User faces various difficulties while booking their tickets by visiting to the reservation counter or by visiting to the agents. Railway Ticket Booking System Project will save customers time and money as well. User will get the facility of making their payments of their choice and get entire information after reservations and many more of the login screen.

Railway Ticket Booking System Idea

Finding trains between given routes through simple search query on particular date and displaying all details of that particular train such as arrival time, departure time, number of seats available, class type, charges details and many more. Users will also able to update their profiles and can get details related to their transactions.

Railway Ticket Booking System Idea

Current Railway Ticket Booking System does not provide facility of self-cancellation and other facilities such as shortest route details from their current locations. It does not provide details of their previous booking history as well as festive session offer/discounts details. Through this system, user will able to perform various activities using a single windows panel.

Railway Ticket Booking System Overview

To access this Railway Ticket Booking System Project , users have to register by giving their entire details such as their name, full address details, sex, age, occupation, date of birth, nationality, mobile number, email id. After successful registration, users will be provided with their login id and password.

Under the user login panel, they can search train by using two given stations name of by using their station id on particular date. If user has to boom ticket, then they have to provide they have to provide type of reservation such as General, Tier I, II or AC type. Then they have to enter total number of tickets they require and their details except current user. User will be provided with ticket number along with journey details.

Apart from this option, user can able to print the tickets, make cancellations, check their transaction history, update their profile, user can check their account section for refund of their money after making cancellation.

For special offers, user can check festive/discount sections. Under this section user will be provided with following details: – special trains, instant booking discount offers, special discounts for senior citizens etc. To make searching process easier user can see list trains and time table’s details for the available trains on particular route and their arrival and departure time details. User can log out by just pressing logout button given. It will take the user to the main screen of the system displaying logo and its name.

 Technologies Used

  •  VB.Net as front end.
  • Microsoft access as back end.

Railway Ticket Booking System Project  Snapshots 

Software Requirements

  •  Windows 8.
  •  Visual studio 2010.
  •  My SQL Server.

 Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Pentium IV or higher version.
  •  Ram – 100 MB.
  •  Hard Disk – 300 MB.
  •  Monitor.
  •  Optical USB Mouse.
  •  Keyboard.
  • Printer.

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