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Super Market Management System Project


Super Market Management SystemAny organization wants to manage their financial transaction in proper and in more easy way. Financial transaction include details of cash in and cash out, balance sheet details, details on assets either it may be tangible or intangible. There should be a Super Market Management System which will provide details of all the items used for sells and purchase, their stock details, values in current market situation and details of their stock holders.

Super Market Management System Concept

The main reason to design and develop this Super Market Management System is to make operating process by eliminating the complex operations which may be performed by the user to complete the overall transactions or effort required to get any particular financial information.

Super Market Management System Project 

As there are various systems which are available in the market which provides stock details and about their customers. But to handle all these operations, the person who will operate this Super Market Management System will require a little knowledge of finance background. So it is one of the demerits of the current Super Market Management System. Today’s market requires such a system which can be operated by any person without having technical knowledge.

Super Market Management System Overview

With the help of this Super Market Management System, any user without any technical knowledge will be able to operate the system. This Super Market Management System will store information on various modules in its database. The admin will have to authority to add new items, delete items, set their rates as per their requirement, change their rate as per changing market situation, add users, modify users, delete users, can provide details on any products item, can generate reports as per their requirements.

User will able to check their account details, types of items and investment made on it, time for which they have invested such as they have invested for long term or for short term. User will able to see the items value at the present time and what was its value in future. User will also able to sell and purchase their items as per market situations. When user will sale or purchase any item, then user account will be updated by using the information stored in their account table.

As this Super Market Management System deals with financial transactions, so each and every user will have its valid user id and password. Only valid user will able to access their account. User will have the authority to change their personal information details and will have the authority to change their password.

Admin will provide user id and password. User will also have the authority to manage all the employees working under their organizations.

Technologies Used

  • VB 6.0 as front end.
  • My SQL Server as back end.

Software Requirements

  •  Windows 8.
  •  Visual studio 6 .
  • My SQL Server.

Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Intel Core processor above Pentium IV
  •  Ram – 512 MB
  •  Hard Disk – 1 GB
  •  Monitor.
  • Keyboard.

Download Super Market Management System

Super Market Management System Abstract Super Market Management System Abstract
Super Market Management System Code Super Market Management System Code
Super Market Management System Database Super Market Management System Database

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