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Video Library Management System project in Vb


Using current Video Library Management System customers can find their CD by checking their names, singers etc manually. This Video Library Management System may sometimes makes customers unhappy by not finding their products. Managers or working employees cannot find the sales details of particular CD and thus cannot categorize then properly. Under one store there are various types of CD sold and their managers find difficulties to maintain the records of their vendors. It also creates difficulties in generating reports and analyzes market situations as per customer demands and requirements.

Video Library Management System project

To help user in finding their products easily and thus saving time. To eliminate manual process of storing information by using the concept of database as backend and providing graphical user interface by using Visual basic as front end. Eliminating file keeping system and implementing the use of data backup options to save their precious data.

Video Library Management System Project Statement

Under current Video Library Management System users are not able to find their choice products by themselves. They have to provide details to the shopkeeper of particular video CD and after that shopkeeper provide details by checking their catalogue whether that particular CD is available in their shop or not. It is also very difficult to categorize the products by using the year of release, artists, album names, price etc. For getting details of financial transactions such as total sells of particular day, month etc its users have to use the bill diary to calculate the overall selling of particular date and time. This involves manual interaction which may sometimes results in an error.

Video Library Management System Snapshot


Video Library Management System Overview

This Video Library Management System will help their customers to find products as per their query in less time. User can search any particular video cd using their year of release, any particular song name, artist details, film name etc. Thus saving their time and eliminating the process of searching manually by using Video Library Management System.

Admin will only have the authority to add records, delete records, modify any existing records, giving permission to any employee. Admin can generate reports as per their requirement. Admin will also able to add vendor details from where they purchased along with Video CD name, price of CD and date of purchase. Admin can check the sells and purchase records by using information stored in the database.

Working employee will have a valid user name and password. Employee will be eligible to generate bills for the customers and receive payments. When the employee will enter the first letter of the Video CD, then a list of available CD will appear from where they can select the name of CD. After selecting the name, its price with its details will appear on the screen. They have to only enter the total number of quantity or items, then after system will generate the total amount which is to be paid by the customer.

Technologies Used

  • VB 6.0 as front end.
  •  My SQL Server as back end. 

Software Requirements

  •  Windows 8.
  •  Visual studio 6.0.
  •  My SQL Server.

Hardware Requirements

  •  Processor – Intel Core processor above Pentium IV
  •  Ram – 512 MB
  •  Hard Disk – 1 GB
  •  Monitor.
  •  Keyboard.

Download Video Library Management System Project

Video Library Management System Abstract Video Library Management System Abstract
Video Library Management System Code Video Library Management System Code
Video Library Management System Database Video Library Management System Database

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