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Electronic Shop Inventory Project in Vb 



Problem Definition

Electronic Shop Inventory Project provides information on each and every product which is available within the store. Its basic purpose is to maintain stock details and inform on time, if any product is going out of stock along with various other information related to its sources. Stock information maintenance is a complex task and requires frequent update. If the stock details of the stores/shops will not be accurate, then there will a huge loss of money and market value and bad impression among customers in this competitive world.

Motivation behind this project

To provide information on time, details of all the products and the location where it is stored. If the current product is out of stock or going to be stock out, informing details regarding that products such as last time from where it is purchased, at what price it was purchased, manufacturer details etc.

Electronic Shop Inventory Project Snapshots

Electronic Shop Inventory Project Statement

Current Electronic Shop Inventory Project system cannot provide other necessary information if it able to provide information regarding product stock out. The other information such as last time from where it is purchased, list of vendors where this is available and at what price, location of the vendors along with their contact details. Lacking this feature in current Electronic Shop Inventory Project system does not the sellers to move to other vendors to get their products on time. As a result they loss their market as well as money.

Electronic Shop Inventory Project Overview

This Electronic Shop Inventory Project system will look after all the work within an electronic shop. It will keep information of all the electronics products along with their price and company manufacturer’s details. It will also keep record of its vendors from where this product was purchased last time and at what price. It will provide facility of adding, deleting and modifying products information within store. The other features include:- the person at the front office who sell the product , setting discounts on particular products on some festive session, billing section will generate bill along with product number, price, number of quantity and date of purchase. This system will also handle the employee records within the shops. Most of the financial transaction will be handled by the billing sections such as generating report of total sells or purchase on weekly or monthly or yearly basis. The main feature of this system is indication process on particular product. Electronic Shop Inventory Project will display a list of products which will be out of stock in coming days based on internal processing going within the database system.

Technologies Used

  • VB 6.0 as front end.
  • Access Database as back end.

Software Requirements

  • Windows 8 Pro.
  • Visual studio 6.0.
  • Access Database

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor – 1GHZ Processor
  • Ram – 256 MB.
  • Hard Disk – 500 MB.
  • Graphics Card with at least 32 MB video memory.
  • Monitor with minimum resolution of 800 X 600 pixels.
  • Keyboard.

Download Electronic Shop Inventory 

Electronic Shop Inventory Project Abstract Electronic Shop Inventory Abstract
Electronic Shop Inventory Project Code Electronic Shop Inventory Code
Electronic Shop Inventory Project Database Electronic Shop Inventory Database

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