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Online Reservation System Project in Java


Online Reservation System Objective

Through this Online Reservation System , a practical approach has been taken under study to understand how online reservation system works. This Online Reservation System will include all the necessary fields which are required during online reservation system. This Online Reservation System will be easy to use and can be used by any person. The basic idea behind this project is to save data in a central database which can be accessed by any authorize person to get information and saves time and burden which are being faced by their customers.

Existing System

Even though the online reservation system is available but the passengers have to fill all their necessary details using pen and paper which involves manual working. It’s the main counter is not open due to late arrival or due to some reasons then in this case, passengers have to wait and in certain cases they have to wait in line, waiting for their chance to come. After wasting so much time, customers able to get their answers and sometimes they did not positive response.

Proposed System for Online Reservation System

Through this Online Reservation System customers do not have to wait in line and they will able to get their answers in just a click. Through this system online form will be available by which passengers will able to fill their details along with their journey details. To book their seats, users will have to first search their trains as per their requirements and after getting correct train they will have to provide Train number. After pressing next button, it will show its status, whether it has been activated or in process. Online cancellation form will also be available and to cancel their reservation, they will have to provide their PNR number again to carry the next task.

Online Reservation System Snapshots 

Number of Modules

  • Login Form.
  • Reservation Form.
  • Cancellation Form.
  • PNR Enquiry.
  • Exit.

Description of Modules

Login Form – To access this Online Reservation System, each user should have a valid login id and password. After providing the correct login id and password, users will able to access the main system.

Reservation System – Under reservation form users will have to fill the necessary details such as their basic details, train number, train name will automatically come in the box, class type, date of journey, from (place) to destination and after that, users will have to press insert button.

Cancellation Form – If passengers want to cancel their tickets then they have to provide their PNR number and after submitting it, this will display the entire information related to that particular PNR number. If users want to confirm their cancellation, in this case they have to press OK button.

Software Requirements

  • Operating System : Windows XP/2003 or Higher Version of Windows OS.
  • User Interface : Java Swing.
  • Programming Language : JDBC, Core Java.
  • IDE/Workbench : Net beans 7.2.
  • Database : Microsoft Access.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor : Pentium IV or above.
  • Hard Disk : 50GB
  • RAM : 512 MB or more

Download Project Source Code

Online Reservation System  Abstract Online Reservation System  Abstract
Online Reservation System Report Online Reservation System Report
Online Reservation System Code Online Reservation System Code

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