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Attendance Management System in PHP

Project Objective

The main objective of Attendance Management System in PHP is to check and prepare report or attendance for any particular organizations such as for hospitals, schools, colleges, shopping mall etc. With the help of attendance management system, it will eliminate the manual calculation of working days for each and every employees, its admin will easily able to analyze the result based on their requirement such as number of absentees per day, number of employees required to handle their tasks etc. You can visit PHP projects with source code page for more projects on php projects.To remove the process of taking attendance in register sheet, attendance management system uses the concept of login. Using this concept Attendance Management System in PHP will automatically add the attendance of particular employee in the register table for that person including their login and log out time and date.

Attendance Management System in PHPIf the working employees will not be able to login the system on their specified time, then that person will treated as absentee and their attendance will not be considered. The attendance of particular day will only be valid for any person if they will logout from the system on their specified time. However working mode of the system can be automatically configured by the admin using the options provided under the admin panel. 

Existing System 

Existing system does not uses the smart concept which are used now a days. One of the major demerit which is found under existing system is making attendance just after logging the system and the validation process on the basis of time has not been used. If users will login and make frequent logout from the system, even after it, their attendance of particular day will be counted and this is exactly not the working process. Admin does not have the facility to generate graphical report on the basis of their query. If certain users is on leave for particular day, even though using their id and password, other users can make login and make their attendance successful. Admin does not have the power to block any user and send private messages to particular employees within their organization.

Attendance Management System in PHP

This new Attendance Management System in PHP will eliminate all the demerits which are found under the existing system. It uses the concept of date and time from the server side and receives the date and time during employees logging process and make comparison along with its id and password. If all the parameters will be matched, then their attendance will be stored in temporary variable and redirected to the users working panel. Final attendance will be considered and stored in the attendance table, when particular employee will make log out on its specified time. You can download student attendance management system database design, student attendance management system ppt
, srs for attendance management system doc, college attendance management system project report from projects download section and please leave a comment if something is missing or not working.

Admin has been provided with all the features which are being performed by the admin side such as add, up date and delete employees, setting login and log out time of employees, listing employees and their attendance details, generating colorful report using the concept of report generator. Blocking any employees, make deduction in their attendance sheet etc. This Attendance Management System in PHP will eliminate much of the tasks which are being handled manually.

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Attendance Management System Source Code Download Source Code

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