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Crime Reporting System project in PHP


Project Description 

Crime Reporting System project in PHPCrime Reporting System project in PHP will used to inform and send immediate e-message to the police station for crimes which are happening to their nearby locations. You can download other PHP projects with source code or PHP projects on our main page. With this system, users have to just identify the type of crime such as robbery, theft from motor vehicle or by some other medium, bank robbery etc and just they have to enter their name and mobile number and click on submit button. This message will be forwarded to central server and special mechanism will be used to forward this message to its nearest location.

However users can also specify the location of incident or crime and after this, message will be directly forwarded to the location of that particular police station. This Crime Reporting System project in PHP is uses the concept of setting temporary and permanent cookies. This concept has been used to track the users who will use this system. For identifying location IP address and information gained from cookies will be used to forward message to the correct police station. All php final year project can be downloaded from our website and follow steps to run that php project.

                        After forwarding message, users will get a confirmation number and this number will be transferred to the user mobile number who have reported a crime. Users information will be kept confidential and if any help needed by police in future, then they will use their mobile number as a medium of contact and communication.

Existing System

Existing online crime reporting management system does not have such medium by users can place their complain from any location. They have to visit their nearest police location and take a copy of the complaint for future reference. Many citizens hesitate to visit any police station and thus informer information cannot be kept confidential. Sometimes conflicts occurs between police station regarding area, means which area comes under their police station and the person get frustrated before placing their complains. If any citizen is sufferer of crime, even after dialing emergency number, police person do not able to locate the exact location of that citizen.

Crime Reporting System project in PHP

In this current system, user’s information will be kept confidential and only users complain will be forwarded to its nearest police station. Users complain number will be forwarded from the server side automatically.

For identifying location and authentic person, concept of cookies and IP addressing has been used. To eliminate the location conflicts between police station, server will play a vital role. It will search the address table using IP address and forward message to that police location from where the message has been received. Please check the download section for online crime reporting system project ppt and online crime management system project report.

Crime Reporting System Snapshots

Download Project

Online crime reporting project free download for everyone. Crime reporting system project in php source code can be downloaded from below link.

Crime Reporting System ppt Crime management system ppt
Source code Download Download Source code

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