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Hostel Reservation System Project in PHP


Project Main Objective

Hostel Reservation System ProjectHostel reservation system will make the hostel owners to customize this software as per their use. They will able to add modules as per the business rules. They can categorize hostels into girl’s hostel, boy’s hostel, PG hostel, Guest rooms etc. They can set price and bed structure for each hostel. Hostel owner will have the facility to categorize any hostel into single bed, double bed, triple bed etc. Each hostel payment status and payments details can be retrieved with one click. Through this system users will have the facility to know the facilities provided by the hostel for particular room type and their service charges. Users will get facility to add extra facility for their particular profile such as laundry, mess, saloon etc. Users will get details of payment statement in a transparent manner such as payment mode, total amount paid, date and time of payment, tax chargesand extra charges details. Users will have the facility to book their rooms for particular hostel and get the facility to pay their amount online.

Existing System

Under existing system users do not get details of their booking status and details on how many number of rooms or beds under particular room of a particular hostel is vacant. Users do not have the online facility to get details on payment structure and services provided by a particular hostel. Users do not have the facility to check the mess routine schedule. Admin of the hostel have to maintain manual register to keep records of their daily visitors. Admin have to maintain check in and check out register for their customers who are taking facility of their hostels. Warden of the hostel have to make daily counting manually to confirm total number of candidates under their hostel. All the payment processing task for various departments under hostel have to done using register, so auditing of bills can be done monthly wise.

Proposed System by us 

Under present hostel management system, all the task done online, so retrieval of any data at any time is possible. Admin do not have to maintain register to make auditing and able to see the results on their desired time. All the processing work done automatically from the server side. Customers under the hostel have to use their login id and password at the reception to make their present under the hostel, after that he or she will able to get their key for their rooms, by which it will eliminate the process of record keeping system manually and eliminate the work of warden. One more feature that has been added is database backup and recovery process. This system will have the facility to create a dump file on regular time interval so that even when the system crashes will able to secure the data as it was last time.

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