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Online Examination System project in PHP


Project Objective

Online Examination System project in PHPOnline examination software’s are becoming most popular now a days. The main objective of this Online Examination System project in PHP is to eliminate the processing work which are being done manually. With the help of online examination system software any exams can be conducted with the need of paper and pen using a computer and internet or local area network. It will also help the appearing candidates to get their result in short interval of time or just after completing their exams. Providing exam results is totally depend on the admin choice. If admin will configure system to display result just after completing the exam, then it will display it otherwise admin can configure the system, to display the result on particular date. It will help the universities, colleges and other institutions to take exam with low cost and less effort.

Existing Project System

In the other existing system, it does not allow the appearing candidates to choose their subjects as per their choice and check the results. Other demerits which are found in existing system are: It does not allow the admin to create dummy users at the emergency time and set time interval of each questions and for each sections. Secure login and concept of cookies and session has not been used to identify each users and set time interval and session for each users. Admin has to set the questions number and enter subject manually before entering question of that particular subject. Admin do not have the facility to search questions subject wise and update at that point of time. To update or delete any question, admin has to find question manually one by one and perform operations such as delete and update.

Under the student section, they do not see their image in the left menu and their student id or screen id, so that they can use it to check their results using this id. Automatic redirection of page after time gets over is not available in the existing system and many more. So to overcome from these problems, this new system has been presented with advanced new features.

Online Examination System project in PHP

Under the proposed system, concept of JavaScript has been used for displaying timer for each section and each question on user’s html page. After time will get over, it will automatically redirected to next questions and after questions get completed of any section it will be moved to next instruction page and question section. Concept of temporary cookies and session has been used to identify each correct users to make secure login and logout. In this system, candidates will able to see their result just after completing their examination and automatic logout operation will be performed just after checking their result.

Under admin section some new features has been added such as automatic question number generation, providing select options for choosing subjects, providing options of search, update and delete questions in one page and facility for providing dummy users. This system has uses the concept of sending email messages to the appearing and other candidates and checking history performance of each and every candidates who have appeared for the exam’s.

Software Requirements

  1. Operating System – Windows 7 or above.
  2. Front end – HTML and CSS.
  3. Language – PHP and JavaScript.
  4. Backend – MySQL.

Hardware Requirements

  1. Hard Disk – 500 MB.
  2. RAM – 512 MB.
  3. CRT Monitor or TFT.
  4. Mouse.
  5. Keyboard.
  6. Graphics Card.

 Download Project Source Code

Online Examination System Code Download Source Code

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