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Project management system project in PHP

Projects Objective

Project management system project in PHPProject management system will help various organizations to manage their project work and the review the work of ongoing projects. This project system will uses all the concepts which are used theoretically in software engineering. All the calculation methods such as COCOMO model has been implemented under this system. This system will help project managers to analyze the problems of a particular project and identify how to start up and fix its time periods and the cost involved in the overall development of a particular project. The system also help the project managers to select various type of built in scraps which are developed previously and can be used in the present ongoing project which can reduce the development period. This system has built in ability to record working time period ongoing projects such as number of days involved in documentation, in designing etc. It will help to identify project manager, how many numbers of users are involved in particular project and on what module currently they are working. Project manager has the authority to set time limit for working on particular module and the users have to submit the work on limited time. This system also facilitate to work on agile method which help the project manager to complete the taken project on time with more accuracy.

Existing System

Existing system do not have the facility to run the project online and can be accessed by a single user at a time. Developers of a project group do not have the knowledge on ongoing module which results in repetition of same work. Availability of scrap work and their details was not available under the current system by which they do not able to use the concept of reusability. Current system do not able to provide essential information on how to start work on particular software engineering model. Current system do not have the ability to develop normal documentation of current ongoing project such as date and time of start for a particular module and number of employees along with details in proper format.

Project management System

Present project management system has built in system to make cost benefit analysis before starting development process. Project managers has the facility to check whether all the resources are available before starting any project. Project group members will have the facility to make communication between group members online and share information on going modules. Each group will have information of other project group and their completion details, which eliminate the process of repetition work. Some special tools can be used by project managers to make project a cost cutting edge technology, so that they can provide software’s to their customers in the lowest price.

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