Recruitment Management System project in PHP


Recruitment Management System Objective


Recruitment Management System project in PHPRecruitment Management System project in PHP will help the fresher’s and job seekers to find out their best suitable job as per their profession and qualification and it will also help the recruiters to get the details of various candidates who has registered using this portal for their jobs. This Recruitment Management System project in PHP will provide recruiters to get all the details of any candidates such as their profile photo, qualifications, marks, experience, salary expected, and desire to work for which location. Recruiters will able to send them a private message and may call them using their contact number. In this system, concept of up loader and email has been used by which job seekers will able to upload their resume and photo of specific size whereas on other side organizations who will hire employees will get specific email id by which they can send and receive mail from other users.

            This Recruitment Management System project in PHP will also include other features such as department wise categorization of a particular organizations, conducting test for their candidates whom they are going to select. As a job seekers, users will able to get profile details of each organization, their official address and contact number.

Existing System

Under current Recruitment Management System project in PHP, candidates are not able to get full details on any organizations by which they face various difficulties during their first round of interview. Candidates also not able to get any important notification on time. The current recruitment management system does not provide the details of company arrival date and time and eligibility criteria details by which candidates can prepare earlier before appearing in the entrance test. All the department of an organizations uses information by accessing the same table which may result in data redundancy. Other advanced features is also not available such as employee referrals details, earlier communication details between employee and candidate.

Recruitment Management System project in PHP

Under the current recruitment management system all work has been divided into various sections and only authorized person of that section will able to access that particular information. Number of tables has been used and each of them share parent child relationship to maintain data integrity and remove redundancy. Some features has been added such as fulfillment manager which will notify selected candidates what the necessary documents and other things have to be submitted at the recruitment cell before collecting their call letter. Immediate notification has been added under which if any changes will be made in programme schedule will easily be notified to all the candidates. Candidates will be requested to check their portal regularly, so that they can aware about any frequent changes in the programme.

Candidates will also able to get the selected list and future upcoming jobs and eligibility criteria to fill the form. Admin will have the authority to fully maintain the database and make any changes as per their requirements. This Recruitment Management System project in PHP also able to store conversation details between employees and candidates and this section will only be accessed by the employees. Another important part is employee referral where employee will able to get details of the referral along with candidate details.

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