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Rental Car management system project in PHP


Rental Car management system project in PHPRental Car management system will provide the business owner to handle their business in much easier fashion. A number of built in modules has been added such as vehicle history details, their engine and parts details, insurance registration and expiration details, vehicle check in and check out details, vehicle servicing details, payment details etc. Admin will also have to facility to check their customers and suppliers details and their payment mode and status details along with date and time. First time customers will have to create a profile if they are taking a car on rent and select the appropriate payment mode. However customers are taking this service by visiting the office, they will get their id and password from the admin side. Users will have the facility to select the type of car, search particular car by their brand name. Upon selection of particular type users will able to get their entire details such as rent type, cost for taking a particular car, mileage details in kilometer per hour. Users will have the facility to fill the basic information details such as name, address, total number of family members who will travel through the car, number of days to take service, location to travel etc.

Current System

Under existing system, users do not have the facility of searching a car on the basis of brand name. When customers rent a car, they get the basic details of a particular car such as car name, color, type etc. Admin of the shop have to manually check their register from time to time to get details on car insurance, parts details and purchasing details. Shop owner have to check phone directory to contact to the suppliers. Shop owner do not have the facility of knowing which car require servicing at what time and which parts of it require replacement. Customers do not have the facility of checking license details of a particular car and about their basic details such as image of a particular car, their mileage details, car number and rent of a particular car.

Rental Car management System

This Rental Car management system make processing task easier and eliminates the traditional record keeping process. All information will be available on time whenever and wherever required by the authentic person. Customers will have the facility to add their current travelling locations and due to which admin will have the facility to track their car. Customers can cancel their booking status any time or change their car type and select other one. Customers will also have the authority to change their travelling details. Automatic reminder feature has been added under the admin side through which admin will get live status regarding license, insurance, parts replacement, servicing details for a particular car. Shop owner will able to directly perform business operation with their suppliers by using their shop number, address and contact details and will get the list of suppliers on the basis of parts and accessories type.

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