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College Library Record System project 


Project Objective

A library is the place where students can get all their learning resources easily and even their alternatives when no particular books or magazines are available for particular search query. This college library record system will help the employees and librarian to maintain library records in synchronized manner and its optimized retrieving methods will able to provide search results on limited time. This system will eliminate the manual entry mechanism for each and every book and making catalogue on the basis of subject and class. It one to one and one to many relationship will eliminate the data redundancy process and maintain the consistency of the library database.                                                       

The make searching process faster and eliminating manual entry process, each book will be provided with bar code image generated by the system while maintain particular book data in the database. So while issuing the book, they have to make entry for particular student and book details can be entered by using bar code reader. This system will also be available with accounting package and e learning resources in the format of PPT, PDF, DOC etc, by which students can download them or see them online using the library id and their password.

Existing System

Old fashioned working pattern were followed by the library system under the particular college and using the concept manual framework where each work has to be accomplished manually. This system was not able to complete their task on time thus due to pending entry work students were not able to issue new books even when these books have been already purchased by the college authority. Due to new arrivals and changing of edition in each year, students were not in a condition to buy these new books regularly and thus cannot able to gain latest innovations going inside the markets and about new developments with respect to their study field.

Proposed System

 The first and foremost slogan of this system is to eliminate repetitive entry work and thus the concept of bar code has been implemented under this project. Entry worker for maintain book information have to provide few parameters such as name of book, edition, subject, author and total number of books after which system will generate a bar code in serial number for these books and they have to stick these codes on books. It’s accounting package will help full in calculating fine’s for students and auditing book records such as which book is available at which students, number of books available under library, which books are in highly demand and the list of defaulters.

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