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Market Billing System project


Market Billing SystemThis project aims towards centralizing the process of maintaining and controlling various details about an institute or organization such as accountant details, salary details, personal information about student as well as their payment details. The system is useful for firm which has its branches at different locations. In a scenario as this the information becomes decentralized with this situation the management of information in the traditional way becomes time consuming and also the productivity of such method stood to be low. Moreover the real time access and modification of detail residing at different location is not possible not to mentions the great deal of human effort required to finish this task. However the proposed system removes the mentioned drawbacks from the process of handling this type of data and introduces many advantages over the traditional way.

Our Proposed System

The proposed Market Billing System is a web application developed using technologies like JSP, JavaScript, servlet, Html and Ajax. Being a web application first advantage is it has the access of information anytime anywhere for the same purpose a database is created using JDBC which contains all the information about accountants and students as well as admin who are using the system all  the information is managed through database thus despite of branches being in different location they can manage the information as they please.

Features of New Market Billing System 

The Market Billing System is mainly used by admin of the institute and by accountant at each branch. The application implies a pleasant look and feel suitable to each type of user with ease of operations. Every user has its different set of credentials to access the system and different set of duties to perform. The application facilitates the user by allowing them to create new accountant details, update it as well as delete it if necessary. The institute has many branches thus it also facilitates us to search accountant details branch wise. The details of students with their payment details can be managed the same way as above the user in charge of this operations are the accountant at different branch

The Market Billing System application drastically changes the way of information handling than the old school method also giving it more accuracy, higher control over data flow, great service and better access. It also allows user to generate various reports in different formats and also has different browser compatibility and support. By atomizing and centralizing the whole process of information management the applications shows higher rate of productivity.

Hardware Requirements

  • Processor :       Intel Pentium i3 or Higher.
  • Operating System: Windows XP or Higher.
  • System Bus :   32 bit or 64 Bit. 
  • RAM :             512MB of RAM.
  • HDD :             50 GB or higher.

Download Project 

 Market Billing System Abstract  Download Abstract
 Market Billing Source code  Download Source code

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