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Proxy Server for FTP project in Java

Project Objective

File transfer protocol is basically used for transferring file from one system to the other system using particular IP address or by using its host name. There will be two types of user which will work here, the first one will be for FTP server and the second will be for FTP client. The connection between the server and client can be established in two different ways that is but using external IP using WAN and by using internal IP using LAN. Through this transferring medium users will able to send their data and documents in secure way without using third party software’s.                                                                                         

Before sending data and documents it will be encrypted so that no other can hack it and even happens, they will not able to read particular information and only decrypted at the receiver side on particular host name or IP address for which this session has been initiated. To establish a secure transmission connection between two or more clients, the sender will first send the login information to the FTP server using FTP port number which will be checked by FTP server to establish connection and check user authentication details and once confirmation received by server side, sending and receiving operations can be achieved easily.

Existing System

In previous existing system there was no authentication mechanism was implemented by which account checkup can be performed by the server side and allowing connection establishment by other client for a particular session. Clients were only able to send and receive files and data using IP address only and not by their host name. Sometimes it was not possible to establish connection between two systems due to port number problem and once session has been provided it was not closed until the system has been rebooted. Even sending data, information and other documents was not encrypted and was not possible to send using the internet connection.

Project Snapshots

Proxy Server for FTP System

Proxy server for FTP will have two section: one which will act as server and other which will act as client. To establish communication, FTP client will send connection establishment request using port number 21 which is used for FTP and upon validation and authentication process of a particular client, it will establish connection and a session id for fixed interval of time. If FTP clients stay idle their session will be deleted and ask for re authentication for the next time. Through this system, clients will not only able to send and receive files for local computers connected by their networks but also to clients who are not connected to their networks using external IP address by using the concept of internet.

Software requirements

  • Operating system: windows 98, MS-DOS
  • Language  :  Java2.0
  • Browser  :  Internet Explorer4.0      

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU  : Pentium 2.0
  • RAM  : 32 MB
  • Hard disk: 1.74MB
  • Monitor  : SVGA color monitor
  • Keyboard : 105 standard and mouse.

Download Project

Proxy Server for FTP Abstract Download Abstract
Proxy Server for FTP Source code Source code Download

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