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Web Skeletonizer Service project



Project Objective

Web skeletonizer service software is responsible for cloning any simple website which are static in their nature. Sometimes you need to get some special appearance and design for your new website and you do not able to get free templates of such websites. Through this simple application, you will able to get their pages along with its entire background coding and edit as per your choice to present in front of the users. This application will not only save time and development effort but also saves you from additional investment in designing section. This system will also able to show the data consumption in MB while using internet.

Web Skeletonizer Service Snapshots

                              Its smart categorization method will able to keep all the captured materials by making its default type folders in the particular location. Before starting this application, you will have the set the memory area where all these cloned materials is to be saved. During cloning process, it will make differentiate between CSS, HTML, JQUERY, Images and icons and saved in particular folder, so that it will be easy for you to use as per your development work. Users will only have to place the website URL either by copying in the text field or by writing themselves and press on start button to begin cloning.

Existing System

Cloning of website and all its contents is not an easy task. Even categorization of downloaded materials were not possible by the previous system by which users comes with many difficulties about knowing the types of file and the existing system was only able to download from html file. It was not able to download the css and images which are available on the website, thus getting only the text part and no clue provided for the coding section through which users can edit the code and use for their own website. When running the simple html file, it was not able to produce output as available on the server due to lack of other attached files or links with particular html file.

Proposed System

This new web skeletonizer application will able to identify the downloaded pages and files, and if found escape in order to copy new files. It will automatically able to create different folders as per the type and saved such documents and files in that particular folder which will help in easy searching process. If you will enter the same URL and its documents has been saved previously, an alert message will be provided to the user to begin the same task. Some websites requires authentication, so to overcome from this, user can enter their id and password before cloning while using this application.

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