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Library Management System project in C++

Library Management System

Project Objective

As from the name above “library management System” means the system will be responsible to manage all the records of the library. Under system library there are various attributes upon which the system will be work by integrating all the modules with the aim of achieving the common goal which is make processing work smoother and simpler. Library management system will have different type of users so to make a secured system, there will be three type of users by which this system will be used and these three users will be admin, members and students. Only admin have will have the pre installed admin id and password by which these can be changes while running this program by its admin. Admin will have the authority to add members and their login time and session up to which they will allowed to use this system. Admin will have the responsibility of issuing book, receiving it, making fine statements for the defaulters, making entry for new books. All the modification work such as adding and making correction, deleting of books, student records will be done by the admin of this library management system. There will be number of modules which has been provided under this system by which its user will able to get results whenever they are in need of it. This system will able to provide details of issuing and deposited books date wise, it can restrict the number of books can be issued by each student, list of all books available in the library and their stock details, listing of books category wise. Searching of books can be done using various parameters such as by entering the author names, vendors, publishers, subject wise. It will help students to easily locate the book under the library by giving details of their location which will save their time.

Existing System

In the previous system, there was only a single common login module by which it was not able to make differentiation between the admin and working staffs. As the authority which has been provided to the admin was also used by the working staffs which is not good for modern library environment. Even students get the list of book of their demand by using search option but it was very hard for them to check out their location and finally they have to take help of library staff members to get their books. Existing system was only able to store and maintain information of books, so a file has to be maintained for every students who are taking the facility of library.

Proposed System

As this new library management system will store records under different files, so it will able to identify the type of users and redirect the window location to their particular section were they are bound to perform operations based on the available options for such category. In this new system it will tell to the students and working staffs where the particular book available if such book available under the library hall. It will provide book location information in the format of book number, rack number and row number. To make an interactive system graphics has been used to display each section by which its users will able to identify easily and use it as per their requirements. 

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