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Railway Ticket Reservation System in C++



Railway Ticket Reservation System projectProject Objective

Railway Ticket Reservation System  will help the passengers to book their tickets for their journey, search train between two stations and get details of particular train schedules including their fare details. To use this system, its users should be registered and should have a valid login and password to make their reservation. Even if users who have not their valid login id and password can make new registration and get their id and set password as per their choice. The main objective of this login module is to keep each passengers safe which will not allowed to make fraud and make their transactions secure. After making registration passengers have to enter the source and destination station name and the system will able to provide the list of all available trains for particular destination and their arrival and departure time and date. Upon selecting particular train, system will able to display the number of seats available under particular coach type and coach will be either sleeper class, three tier or two tier. To book their tickets passengers have to select coach type and total number of passengers and passengers will be provided with choice to select the seat numbers as per their location and their location also such as upper birth, middle birth or lower birth or seat chair. When all the selection work will be done, passengers will be provided with total fare charges and mode of payment which they want to select for making final payment.

Existing System

Under existing Railway Ticket Reservation System  passengers were only provided with list of trains between two stations and train number is only the available information by they can take an action. Under existing system passengers were not able to get information on their arrival and department and route by which particular train will travel. Passengers were only able to select the seat number and not provided which seat type they want to select and this sometimes not creates a familiar environment during their journey. During making payment final validation and authorization was one by system to identify the particular passengers to make deduction for their fare charges to make final reservation.

Proposed System

Under this new Railway Ticket Reservation System , each passengers will go through the two steps identification and authentication process. The first checkup will be done at the login time and second checkup will be done during making the final confirmation of their payments. During making payments, passengers have to enter their email id and contact number and these information will be matched from the passengers file, if matched they were provided to get reservation details and equivalent amount will be deducted from their account. Only admin with read, write and modify privileges will be able to access the file information directly and change as and when required. 

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 Railway Ticket Reservation System Abstract  Download Abstract
 Railway Ticket Reservation System Code  Download Source Code

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