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Revenue Recovery System project in Java 



Project Abstract

Revenue Recovery SystemRevenue recovery system is an IT solution for collecting taxes and providing a transparent medium to provide fast track services for the remote areas. Different types of taxes are being collected at district level, village level, panchayat level etc for their lands, water supply, education and much more. This system will able to send online documents from taluka level to district collector for immediate verification and act upon it. Even the proceedings can be updated in real time environment by the village officers and generate graphical report as and when required.

Existing System

A number of person involves in the process of depositing their revenue at the collection center. Manual processing and preparing of tax paper is always a time consuming system. Every time collection system do not able to meet their target and find out the defaulters. These tasks need to perform on yearly, quarterly or monthly basis and by the different level of a district. So the manual system is not able to monitor all the activities. Taking out of file to check previous payment details and manual verification process takes two to three days on single person work by which peoples were also not interested to take active participation for country growth. The most threating part in manual system was data security and in appropriate level of information flow due to physical boundaries.

Proposed System

A common platform for processing at different level with different privileges not only helps to create a proper communication channel and but also providing security to data. As the system will be opened and closed at same time for all different levels through this web application, so there is no chance of any fraud. Due to centralize database, documents verification can easily be made even from remote location and a convenient method for all working departments. Only authorized person with working credentials will responsible to perform their only activity. Persons don’t have to wait in line and with online form availability, they will able to get their deposited slip with unique journal number. By accessing data from relational database, query builder will help to achieve all our task such as list of defaulters, late payment list, generating reports etc.


  1. Login Module.
  2. Payment Module.
  3. Department Modules.
  4. Database Module.

Login Module:-

Proper communication channel and eliminating the physical boundaries will be achieved through the login module. During the time of login, users have to select their district and village level, id and password. Such person will be directed to their panel configured by the admin. Users will only able to look after their departmental work.

Payment Module:-

This module will provide flexibility to select type of revenue, generate pay slip, selecting correct online form and its type just by entering the house number of particular person. This system will also able to display the type of taxes to be paid and if any, its outstanding dues also.

Department Modules:-

To facilitate online file sharing and remote verification system for fast track system, it will provide a secure departmental communication channel. The only authorize person will able to use it and carry out different activities. It will help to verify documents just by sitting from their offices whose distances are far enough and prepare or send reports on it.

Database Module:-

To prepare reports and generate required reports will be made available through query builder available under the hood of this module. For data security reason, persons with required privileges will only able to access their limited data for which they have been assigned.

Download Revenue Recovery System Project 

Revenue Recovery System Abstract Abstract Download
Revenue Recovery System Source Code Source Code Download

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