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School Management System Project in C++



School Management System Project

Project Objective

School management system will be responsible for performing various actions such as maintaining and managing student records, managing admission details and setting admission criteria for admission into various stream for particular classes, managing users who are working within the school, preparing time tables and routines for the studying students and teachers, providing online assistance help for the studying students, keeping parents records and health records of students for future references. All these tasks can be achieved easily through this new school management system. As system has been developed by divining into several modules so maintenance work can be easily carried out without the need of technical assistance.

To work with this system each users will have its unique id and password through which they access this particular system. To manage and integrate various modules and to eliminate the concept of data redundancy each modules will have data sharing property with other modules as and when required. For each module there will be unique for each of their members such as family details of a particular students, student records, staff members details, student class relationship, teacher, class and student relationship etc. The main reason for providing unique id for each member of a particular module is to developed a medium of fast identification to make our coding more optimized for better performance.

Existing System

Under the existing system there was no any medium to make direct communication between parents and administration. To inform about status and study reports to particular parents of a particular student, administration have to write letter to make them inform. Students have to check their notice board to get information about details about their routine, exam time tables, about their results and marks scored in particular exam subject wise. Working employees and staff members have to visit their bank to check their payment confirmation monthly.

Proposed System

Through this new school management system all the work has been made automated and replacing the process manual work load. Through this new system, all working employees will able to check their payment status and total number of working days or we can say their attendance and deduction made from their salary and for what purpose. Students will able to check their results, time tables and routines by going through their student dashboard. Administration will able to send direct messages to the parent’s inbox by using their id and parents will check those messages and apply directly to them.  This system will able to display notices and news or events which is going to be held in their campus. 

Download Project

School Management System Abstract Abstract Download
School Management System Source Code Source Code Download

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