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Student Management System Project


Student Management System project


Project Objective

Student Management System Project as the name indicates will be used for managing students records will be used for various purposes. Accepting correct data will results in generating the desired output in correct format without any delay. So this system has been enabled with validation data checkup while entering the data and before saving it to the particular file. Students will also able to check their data and modify their basic information as per their requirements. As each institution has various department which will used student records in order to carry out their task, so integrating task and sharing data among department can be easily achieved. There will be only admin who will have to authority to make changes and modification while using this system. Admin will able to perform activities like, adding student records, modifying and deleting existing records, allowing authority to access particular section of student data by different departments. Admin can make changes or modify the fee structure and payment statements. This Student Management System Project system will provide admin to make auditing process easier and facility to calculate direct and indirect taxes for their institutions. To make a secure system automatic logout process has been enables and whenever the admin section will be inactive for 30 minutes, it make automatic logout and taken to the main screen which is provided for the general users. To perform admin work, users have to select admin panel and provide their id and password to access this section.

Existing System

Existing Student Management System Project system work on the concept of manual system while file sharing is to be done between working department to carry out their tasks. As file system has been used to maintain records for each students, so each department also have to separate file for each tasks such as information of payment of fees by each students, library records, book records, physical records of each students, accessories and teaching tools used within the institution. Making final audit report is not an easy task and this task has to be achieved by the outside financial institution to prepare their financial report for particular business session.

Proposed System

Apart from maintaining and processing student records this new system has also been facilitated with financial solutions to make business task easier. As each student will have a particular id and password by which they can access their basic information along with fee structure and payment details. If any students do not able to pay their fees on time, such students will be fined and added to their next month fee account. It will also display a remainder on each student’s dashboard for depositing fees on particular date and the amount which is to be paid. Admin will have the full authority to add features and disable it as per their requirements. 

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