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NFS Proxy Server System project 


NFS Proxy Server System

Problem Definition

Our aim is to create a NFS Proxy Server System, which will keep the records of all the mount points of the NFS servers and any replicas, if exist.

NFS Proxy Server System

  • Will process a clients request to mount a share, by providing the IP address of the server having that share, so that the client can now directly connects to the server of that IP address.
  • in case a client can’t able to mount that particular share ,it will report to the proxy server that server is down and proxy server process the request by changing the status of previous server and by providing another IP address with the same share if exist, otherwise proper error messages will be sent.
  • In case a connection breaks down during the transmission of a file, then the transmission will resume from the point where it stopped

Technology Used:

C Programming Language



Software And Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

  • A high processing capable machine- PENTIUM 2.0 GHZ or more (which is most commonly used).
  • Suitable network interfaces and 100Mbps LAN.
  • 32 MB RAM
  • A suitable underlying OS- LINUX (Kernel 2.6 or better).
  • NFS client/server software.

Software Requirements

  • A suitable underlying OS- LINUX (Kernel 2.6 or better).
  • NFS client/server software.

Project Description

This project is aimed to enable an NFS Proxy Server to keep record of all the mount points on the machines which are running NFS Server service on them. NFS which stands for Network File System is very useful remote file access file mechanism which is defined by Sun Micro systems.

The necessity to keep the machines on a network gives rise to the consideration that the clients who send request to transfer files from the NFS Server should be well served in real time with all the functionalities that make it easier for the client to communicate with the server.

The project will be using an Object Oriented Methodology. Every part of it would be divided into modules; each module will be developed separately.

The scope of this project lies in enabling the proxy server to control and monitor the requests which are remotely placed from a client computer. In the future it may couple with other software’s and can be used to remotely configure the services.

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