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DVD Cafe Management System using C++



Project Objective

Dvd cafe is an application software which will look after all the administrative work for a particular cd shop. This system will maintain all records of the music and video cd’s which are available in the store along with other details of a particular cd such as its total quantity available in the shop, cost per cd. This system also having the potential to maintain and store its customer records. The customer will get an option either to purchase a particular cd or to take on rent. If the customers will not able to submit the cd on time or within 15 days, he or she will be fined Rs 20 per day and the total amount will be deducted from their account. This system will provide admin to make new entry for their customers as well for the cd’s which has newly arrived in their store. Through this system, shop owner will able to check their account details as well as products stocks details. Even if the admin found some error during data entry process and came to know while handling the system can be modified by using edit option. There are two modules under this system upon which this system will work. It will facilitate the admin to work upon attributes of customers and cassettes to make their business transaction and associated processes easier.

Existing System

Under existing system, the most horrible situation comes when shop owner have to find particular cd on the demand of customers during selling process. Existing system as work on manual system, so shop administration only takes responsibility of preparing bills which includes the details of purchasing date, type of products, total price including taxes. There is no provision of maintain the customer records in order to make inform to their customers about their latest product and services provided by their shop.

Project Snapshots 

Proposed System

As this new system will be fully automated, so manual processing will be not required to achieve any task. This system will not only keep records of the cassettes which are being sold under this shop but it will also able to maintain records or their customers and make modifications as and when required. Admin will have the option of getting all the records by using single option provided under the cd shop menu section. To make easy processing work, admin have to only enter the correct option without pressing any other button and this system will identify their choice and take action based on their selected option.

Download Project

DVD Cafe Management System Abstract Download
DVD Cafe Management Source Code Source Code Download

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