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Matrix Calculator Program using c++


Project Objective

Solving problems based on matrix involves intensive calculation work and even a single mistake will be done, then user will not able to get the correct result. You have to enter elements for each row and column. Only entering data for each particular index, does not solve the problem. Getting output and processing tasks involved in getting the desired result is much hard work. You to find the center value by eliminating the values of other indexes. While making multiplication, you have to multiply each element with other element of second matrix. It processing work involves multiplying each row element of first matrix with every column element of other matrix. If you will solve this problem manually, then it will take some time and time also depends on the type of matrix. If the matrix size will be 2×2 then it can be solved easily, but if index size will be greater than 3 or both matrix indexes will be differ, then it’s hard to solve the problem within 5 minutes. So to save your time, this system can be used to match your solutions just by entering few details about the type of matrix and about their elements.

Existing System

Although the existing system also provide computer oriented solutions to get the matrix multiplications results but the existing system cannot be used for different sizes.It cannot be used for those matrix whose index sizes various and this system can only be used for those matrix whose index sizes are of two dimension. You will also be able to calculate multiplication of two matrices have dimension size 2×2. But you cannot able to get results on matrices having size greater then 2, so you will not able to check your result at a time. The existing system also not able to display the entered elements while displaying the final results, so that user can verify their entered data.

Proposed System

The current matrix multiplication system will able to provide results of any desired matrix size. Users will be also provided with options to choose the matrix size before entering the elements value for that particular matrix. Once the matrix size has been entered for both matrices, you will have to only enter the elements for each matrix and your work is done. You do not have to work more with this system and rest work will be performed by the login written on the back side of the screen. It will able to display the final results along with elements of each matrix.

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