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Online Courses System project in Java



Project Objective

Online Courses SystemOnline courses having its own value in today’s busy world. It’s a type of program by which users can learn their respective courses anytime from anywhere at affordable price or sometime free of cost. Using online course web application software, its admin or say lecturers can create their lectures in different formats including video lectures and audio lectures.

Even this software also allows to import already created lectures in the format of PDF, PowerPoint, and Word etc directly from their system and use for their teaching purpose. This system provides the power of distribution by which learners can be informed about their learning resources through their registered email id, sending links to their mails for downloading resources etc. The most important among all is the progress tracking facility and providing results on time.

Existing System

There are numerous demerits which were found in existing system and among all, one is customizable branding was not available. Although, it’s also a business portfolio, where you need to create a brand in this market and for this you need your own image and style format to survive. Existing system doesn’t provide control power for accessing the account. All account were given same privileged. Existing Online Courses was not capable to organize the way of training session and virtual badges and gifts for excellent performance along with notification for improvement areas.

Proposed System

It’s the Online Courses system which only not allow you upload unlimited learning resources, apart from these you are also provided to create numerous courses and quizzes for your students and learners. You can manage and control every account and using such control, users can access their resources under their account. This system has been provided powerful reporting system which allows you to create customizable performance chart by which learner can increase their efficiency.


  1. Online course creation tool: -It’s the tool, which will only be accessed by admin and lecturers with different privileges. Admin will have the power to set privileges for others. It’s the module by which lecturers can add, remove and modify lectures and their notes.
  2. Learning management tool: – This section will be accessed by the learner and they can access resources as per their accountability. Their account will be under control by the admin panel.
  3. Adding and removing features: – To provide a customizable environment, this section will only be accessed by admin. It’s the sections by which, admin can bring changes in look, feel and structure of this system and add and remove features.
  4. Customization tool: – It’s the tool accessed by admin to give a royal look for their logo, reports and payment slips. It’s the system which also provide accounting package as per requirement and inbuilt query builder to make query process easier.

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Online courses System Abstract Abstract Download
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