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Calculator Android Project with Source Code



Project Overview

Calculator Android ProjectCalculator is used to make our calculation easier. But this android based calculator project will not do only simple calculations but more than that. This new android calculator will store your mathematical operations and your answers in their memory by which you can check your results and operations which you have performed earlier. To make complex task easier, some extra features has been added in this android calculator and these are like unit conversion, fractional calculations, trigonometric calculations and unit conversion also.This calculator will not only work in single mode, but different versions available under one hood like: users can switch to scientific type or to engineering type and much more.

Existing System

All we know that, while using simple calculator, we don’t able to get all these features at one place and mostly rely on manual work. Because of this extensive manual work, there is some delay and if in rush condition then not able to get the correct results. There sometimes for the purpose of numerical and statistical numerical, we need to make conversion of results into octal or hexadecimal format, which again not provided through normal or scientific calculator.

Proposed System

It’s the android calculator which will remember your all input, into its memory and separate all your digits with commas automatically, so that it can be easily identified. Calculation is sometime boring, but its interactive look and versatile feature will provide you an exciting calculation environment. Because of touchy nature of your nature, using its smart editor, you don’t have to write everything. If there’s an error, you can click on location and rectify it. It will provide all the basic operations in normal mode, but users can also choose the scientific mode or fixed mode display for their use.

Features of this project

  1. Fractional calculations can be easily performed using this android calculator.
  2. Users will able to check their previous results in history sections and also able to send it to memory for further process.
  3. Grouping of digits and decimal points will be handle by this android calculator.
  4. Users will able to enter digits and operators which will also be displayed over the input panel.
  5. Users can make conversions by using conversion unit section to make their calculation on hand.

Download Project

Calculator Android Abstract Download Abstract
Calculator Android project Code Download Source Code

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