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Call Blocker for Android with Source Code 



Project Overview

Call Blocker for AndroidCall blocker as the name indicate is useful for the persons who do not want to receive unwanted calls to their android phone. It’s the android based call blocker which will scan the name and numbers which are under the black list category and if not found, users will be provided with an options, whether you want to receive the call from unrecognised number or want to make blacklist this number. It’s the app which will only available for android versions and freely available, means any users can take advantage of this free app. It’s the call blocker by which users can also block unwanted or spam type messages. Once such type of messages has been spammed and made blacklisted, unwanted messages or spam type messages will not be dispatched to the user’s phone.

                     Apart from these, users can categorize the list of numbers which are available in their phone contact list and take respective actions. The blacklisted callers will not able to make calls and whenever they will make call, they will get message of switch off or unreachable. However if the user want to receive any persons call at later time, then it can create a customized message and even set their voice message by which such callers will get their users message automatically upon making call to them.

Proposed System

In this call blocker, there are four types of call blocking techniques has been used and based on the conditions users can check as per their requirements. It’s the dynamic system which will allow its users to block any caller randomly before their call get received, even if the timer has been set for receiving incoming calls.It’s the system which uses simple processing task, thus not take extra memory space and extra CPU space to run this system.


  1. Users will only able to use the features which has been discussed above, when user will install this particular system to their android device.
  2. If in future, any updates made available, users will able to download it free of cost.
  3. As system uses minimum resources, then impact on working performance and providing maximum facility with no cost.
  4. Users will have the choice, which calls and messages should be received.
  5. It’s on the spot blacklisting feature, make suitable for dynamic environment.

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