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Enterprise Hazard Management Android Project




Project Abstract

Enterprise Hazard ManagementEnterprise hazard management system is an android project which enables direct communication between the managers and the employees working under particular organization. As we all know, an employee is an import asset of organizations and it’s the organization responsibility to look after them. If any working employees faces any difficulties their work time period, then such difficulties should be looked up by the organizations and act on them to solve the difficulties as soon as possible. Using android version of enterprise hazard management, organization can save their time and investment and give proper training to their working employees. Built in system to generate reports without human intervention and finding the areas, where the errors can be happen due to proper guidance.

Proposed System

This android based enterprise hazard management system will include various sections by which employees can gain information on how to work properly and what are the precautions should be taken while working in their particular departments. It will act as online trainer by which working employees can increase their working performance and can have direct interaction with their team manager during the working hour. It tools and settings will most of the work easy and in flexible way. To understand the working behavior and to check performance, you can use this android hazard management system. Using its report generation tool, it will able to provide you the performance data and the areas where you are lacking. It’s the tool by which you can use its built in performance booster, which will act as a trainer.


  • It’s an android version, by which you can access this application through your smart phones from any location.
  • To protect the organizational employee’s data, every users should have a valid login id and password.
  • All the tasks has been divided into different modules.
  • Easy to understand and simple user interface.

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